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After 8 years of Research and thanks to the input of different governments world wide is that today recycling Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ash is a reality in Precast Concretes.

Ashcrete is an Impermeable Nano reinforced concrete made with MSW Incineration Ash, the Ashcrete making process begins with Incineration Ash gradation to different particles sizes this process is imperative to achieve a perfect matrix particle packing.

Incineration Ash DOES NOT require any ageing, weathering, washing or any chemical treatment.

During Incineration Ash gradation procedure metals>0.45 mm can be recovered.

Ashcretes at 28 days achieve >4,000 psi.

Ashcretes  exhibit an external smooth surface and impermeability due to a perfect particle packing.

The Binder:

At Ashcrete Technologies we developed two MSW Incineration Ash treatments which work in synergy with cement:

  • Multi Stage Nano Treatment
  • Modulator Mix Treatment

Nano composites encapsulate and penetrate MSW Incineration Ash excelling Incineration particle hardness and bonding properties while filling the voids in the mix matrix resulting in an impermeable structure that hinders chlorides and sulfates penetration.

The modulator treatment is a mix of minerals that working in synergy with Nano composites stop the Incineration ash aggressive reaction to cement while stopping hydrogen formation and ASR in the mix matrix.

Ashcrete Properties:

MSW Incineration Ash has a wide range of metals in oxide form which interact with Nano composites and Cement yielding fascinating properties in Ashcrete structures:

 Photocatalytic Ashcretes:

Depollution means the removal of contaminants and impurities from the environment.  The newest tool for achieving depollution is a photocatalyst.

Photocatalysts accelerate the chemical reaction whereby strong sunlight or ultraviolet light decomposes organic materials in a slow, natural process.

When used on or in a concrete structure, photocatalysts decompose organic materials, biological organisms, and airborne pollutants.

Dirt, soot, mould, bacteria and chemicals that cause odours are among the many substances that are decomposed by photocatalytic concrete.  These compounds break down to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2), a white pigment, is the primary catalytic ingredient, which is incorporated in photocatalytic concretes, however, Ashcretes do not need to incorportate TiO2 becase Incineration Ash has great percentages of TiO2.

Self Healing Ashcretes:

Ashcretes exhibit self healing properties

Environmental Tests: COMPARATIVE ASH vs ASHCRETE

X-RAY Fluorescence Spectroscopy







Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

TCLP Method 1311