Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incineration Bottom Ash and Combined Ash transformation.

At Ashcrete Technologies we have developed the technology to transform Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incineration Bottom Ash and Combined Ash into a composite material concrete-like that can be used to make Roads, Bridges, Barriers and Marine Structures turning this waste stream 100% sustainable contributing to a circular economy.

Ash transformation takes place at atomic level where ash ions get stimulated by nanocomposites allowing their absorption by the products generated during hydration reaction.  The absorption can be divided into physical absorption and chemical absorption.  Physical absorption is caused by van Der Waals forces between particles, while chemical absorption is the result of chemical bond formation.

Ashcrete is a true green concrete made with 100%  Waste Materials  (MSW Incineration Ash), the dense matrix prevents deleterious solutions from penetrating into the matrix, so the mechanisms that can cause conventional concrete to deteriorate are not present, consequently, durability properties, as measured by permeability tests, freeze-thaw tests, scaling tests, abrasion tests, resistance to ASR, and carbonation, are significantly better than those of conventional concrete.

Ashcrete Appearance

Ash Ion Migration

The below table shows the migration of elements, in yellow raw ash elements, in green XRF elemental analysis of Ashcrete (Composite concrete-like material made with MSW I. Ash).

Ashcrete Strength

At 28 days Ashcrete surpasses the 30 Mpa (>4000 psi) mark.


SW-846 Test Method 1311: Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure


From Ash to Precast® Ashcretech®

From Ash to Precast®

Ashcrete Technologies we can transform into a beneficial structure all the Combined Ash resting in monofills, Combined Ash with other non-incinerable materials (debris, waste glass, waste ceramics, other waste incineration ash) and fresh bottom ash and transform these waste streams into a beneficial Impermeable Ashcrete Structures for use either in Infrastructure development or Marine environments.

About Us

Researching Hazardous Waste Incineration Ash Beneficial uses since 2010 and thanks to the input of different governments world wide, Universities and Scientists, is that today the transformation of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ash is a reality, turning this waste stream into a beneficial structure with wide uses in infrastructure development.

Ashcrete is an Impermeable Nano reinforced concrete made with MSW Incineration Ash, the Ashcrete making process begins with Incineration Ash gradation to different particles sizes this process is imperative to achieve a perfect matrix particle packing.

The metals recovery from the Ashcrete process is >0.355mm.


Landfill and Monofill MSW I. Ash Transformation

Countries worldwide have used different methods for Ash storage, in some countries only Bottom Ash is stored in monofills and the Fly Ash after acid treatment is stored in other landfills, other countries treat the Fly Ash combine it with Bottom Ash and posteriorly store the combined ash in monofills, other countries due to space store in landfills MSW I. Ash along with other non-incinerable materials.

Ashcrete Technology can recycle any type of Ash Landfill or Monofill and transform the stored waste stream into beneficial structures that can be used in Land reclamation projects, Sea Barriers, Roads, Bridges, Barriers etc.


Ashcretes or Impermeable concretes made with MSW Incineration have a wade range of possible uses in Precast Applications.


From Landfill to Blocks for Land Reclamation

From Combined Ash monofill to Sea Wall

From Fresh Bottom Ash or Combined Ash to Precast Structures

Road Slabs and Jersey Barriers
Retaining wall
Bridge decks
Interlocking blocks (flood prevention and barrier)
Storm Protection



From Ash to Precast®